Podcast: Market Outlook Series


By Hans F. Olsen, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

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Each quarter Fiduciary Trust’s Chief Investment Officer, Hans F. Olsen, CFA, shares the firm’s views on the outlook for the global economy and financial markets in episodes on the Fiduciary Insights podcast channel. Below is the most recent Market Outlook podcast, and recordings on wealth planning and other investment topics are also available on our channel.

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2020 Q3 Market Outlook

July 14, 2020- The first half of 2020 brought with it all time highs in many equity markets, as well as multi-year lows, as the pandemic unfolded. In this podcast, we discuss the near-term outlook for the market as economies are opening up, as well as the longer-term implications for the economy and markets. In addition, we highlight investment opportunities that have presented themselves as a result of the current environment.


To access the video version of this podcast, please view our video with closed captions on our website. 

2020 Q2 Market Outlook

April 3, 2020 – In our Market Outlook podcast, Fiduciary Trust Company President & CEO Austin Shapard and CIO Hans Olsen discuss the current state of the coronavirus, the impact on the markets, and key considerations for investment portfolios going forward.


If you are hearing impaired, please view our video with closed captions on our website. 

2020 Market Outlook

January 13, 2020 – Given the remarkable returns across markets in 2019, is their room for continued growth this year? In our 2020 Market Outlook podcast, President & CEO Austin V. Shapard discusses our views with our Chief Investment Officer Hans F. Olsen, CFA.


If you are hearing impaired, please view our video with closed captions on our website. 

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