Philanthropy Services

Helping you ignite positive change and establish an enduring legacy.

What Makes Our Program Distinctive

Combining Philanthropic Passions with Financial Acumen

With extensive expertise supporting donors through a variety of giving vehicles, Fiduciary is here to partner with you to determine the best philanthropic solution.

We take the time to understand your philanthropic goals and incorporate your charitable giving into other wealth planning goals such as retirement income, generational wealth transfer, and opportunities to minimize taxes. 

Our Approach

For donors who value flexibility, service and expertise..

  • Thoughtful Planning and Engagement

    Charitable advice integrated with wealth and tax planning. Your charitable giving strategy is backed by an experienced philanthropic team and access to our network of specialists.

  • A Variety of Giving Vehicles

    Donor-Advised Fund Program

    Private Foundations

    Charitable Trusts

    Fiduciary Flexible Endowment Program™

  • Commitment to Sustainability, Equity and Community

    Fiduciary employees serve on over 50+ nonprofit boards and committees, and was named a Top Charitable Contributor by Boston Business Journal.

  • Offerings for Endowments and Foundations

    Enterprise Review Process

    Investment Policy Statement development

    Institutional investment management

    Board education

    Custody Services

Our Donor-Advised Fund Progam

We help donors fulfill their charitable goals through customized services backed by deep expertise. Learn about thedistinctive approach in our donor-advised fund program with Fiduciary Trust Charitable.

We are honored to be the recipient of more than 40 industry awards over the past five years.

Discover Our Insights


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Charitable deduction bunching may allow some donors to accomplish philanthropic goals and potentially increase charitable tax deductions.

How to Develop a Charitable Giving Strategy

In this webcast, experts from Fiduciary Trust Charitable and Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. discuss key steps to consider when creating and implementing a charitable giving strategy.

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