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2023 Q4 Market Outlook: The Pause that Refreshes?

In our 2023 Q4 Market Outlook, Fiduciary Trust Company's Chief Investment Officer, Hans F. Olsen, CFA, provides our perspective on the economy and markets as well as our outlook by asset class.
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Choosing the Best Charitable Giving Approach

Learn about the benefits of six different charitable giving approaches to help maximize the impact of charitable giving.
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Donor-Advised Fund or Private Foundation?

Understand the relative advantages of donor-advised funds and private foundations when pursuing charitable giving.

2024 Key Planning Figures

This material highlights key IRS and other planning amounts for 2024 and is designed to be a reference tool for clients and advisors to inform this year’s planning.
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Naming a Trust as IRA Beneficiary: Key Considerations

As the significance of IRAs has grown, it has become more common to name trusts as IRA beneficiaries. This article looks at key considerations for inherited IRAs and trusts.

Key Year-End Planning Considerations

The approach of year end presents another opportunity to reassess your tax and financial circumstances and generally take control of your finances. In this article, you will find some year-end planning tips to consider.
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The 2024 Election Is Near: What This Means for Investors

With U.S. presidential campaigns well underway, many are wondering what impact the 2024 presidential and congressional election outcomes will have in the financial markets. Fiduciary's Head of Wealth Management Sid Queler examines how the markets have performed in previous election cycles and what implications that has for investors today.