Credit & Other Services

We provide access to additional services to meet your broader needs.

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Additional Services Offering

Access to a broad range of services

Once we determine that additional services are applicable to a client’s situation, we formulate a relevant plan for action.

We have a highly-experienced in-house tax preparation team or we can coordinate with your accountant for tax preparation services.

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Our special securities-based lending program through partner banks enables clients to use their Fiduciary Trust accounts as collateral for loans with a streamlined and timely application and funding process.

We can refer you to partner banks for access to mortgages.

We can refer you to firms to assist with your long-term care insurance needs.

We can refer you to firms to assist with your life insurance needs

We can refer you to firms to assist with other insurance needs, including property & casualty and disability.

We can refer you to banks to meet your small business banking needs.

We can refer you to firms to assist with your specialty finance needs.

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