Fiduciary Trust of New England

We combine nearly 140 years of experience of our Massachusetts affiliate with New Hampshire's favorable trust laws.

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Our Value to Clients

Experts Focused on Your Best Interests

Fiduciary Trust of New England is a New Hampshire-chartered trust company. Together with our Massachusetts affiliate, we are distinguished in four areas:

  • Integrity and Permanence

    A private firm focused on the best interests of our clients

    • A 138-year history of integrity and financial stability
    • No proprietary investment products to sell
    • No incentives from third-party investment managers
    • Free from misaligned parent company pressures
  • Personal Service

    A proactive approach customized to your needs

    • Single point of contact with an experienced, senior professional
    • 20+ years’ average officer industry experience
    • Right-sized, well-resourced, and nimble firm
    • 98% annual client retention rate for over a decade
  • Disciplined Investing

    Proven techniques that are focused on client net returns

    • Investment portfolios tailored to client needs
    • Consider income, capital gains, and estate tax consequences
    • Strong returns
    • Sustainable investments
    • Focused on buying power over market cycles
  • Expertise

    Breadth, depth and focus to help you realize your goals

    • Wealth planning, investment, trust and philanthropy specialists
    • Access to advantageous New Hampshire trust laws
Our Services

Solutions for what matters to you

We offer access to what you need when you need it. From wealth planning, investment management, trustee and estate services as well as donor-advised fund and lending programs.

Personalized, comprehensive planning designed to reflect your goals and circumstances and to evolve over your lifetime.

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A disciplined, tax-aware process focused on customizing the optimal asset allocations and investment securities to meet your needs. We also consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in our investment decisions and offer a variety of proactive sustainable investing options.

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Trustee services from a firm you can depend on and backed by a highly experienced trust & estates legal team. Estate settlement from experts who understand you and your family.

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We provide access to the tax, asset protection and other benefits of New Hampshire’s trust laws to clients nationwide and abroad.

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Trust, individual, and other tax return preparation integrated with other services from Fiduciary.

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Personal service and our unique features make us the innovative partner to help you maximize the impact of giving.

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High-touch client service combined with expertise handling special assets and trust accounting, provided by Fiduciary Trust Company.

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We can help you determine the optimal private trust company design for your family and align our services to your specific needs.

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