Nonprofit Services

Our comprehensive investment services help nonprofits focus on mission.

What Makes Us Distinctive

Investing in mission

  • A History of Integrity

    We are an independent firm focused your best interests. Every investment we make is in line with the values, governance structure, liquidity needs, and risk tolerance of your organization.

  • Expertise & Experience

    We have a long history of managing investment portfolios tailored to the individual client specifications of more than 80 unique endowment, foundation, and donor-advised fund clients.

  • Disciplined Investing

    Our focus on funding power over market cycles has yielded strong investment returns recognized in the industry. We follow a sustainable investing philosophy and offer proactive ESG options.

  • Experienced Professionals

    The officers at Fiduciary have 20+ years’ average experience and we have professionals who specialize in serving nonprofit clients. We are proud to have achieved a 98% average annual client retention rate for more than a decade.

Services for Nonprofits

A long commitment to serving nonprofits

We have been serving nonprofit organizations for more than half of our nearly 140-year history. Our services are delivered with integrity, expertise, experience, disciplined investing, and personal service.

A disciplined process focused on customizing the optimal asset allocations and investment securities to meet your organization’s needs.

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We believe that considering Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in the investment decision-making process can deliver performance while also improving lives. We therefore examine ESG factors in all our investment decisions while also offering a range of proactive sustainable investing options.

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Our robust systems are essential, but we never replace human interaction with technology. We believe in both. At Fiduciary, you get precision, timeliness, dependability, and decisions rooted in common sense across all our custody capabilities.

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Our Disciplined Investing Approach

Fiduciary Trust is a global, multi-asset class allocator of capital.

We employ a disciplined process when making capital decisions in order to invest in opportunities that we believe will exceed required rates of return. We undertake this process while maintaining awareness of behavioral biases, market efficiencies, and client-specific preferences and cash flow needs.

We are honored to be the recipient of more than 40 industry awards over the past five years.

Discover Our Insights

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