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Investment Portfolios Customized to Your Needs



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Recognizing that our primary objective in managing assets is to meet client-specific goals, our investment approach focuses on creating diversified portfolios that reflect client investment expectations, cash needs, risk tolerances, and tax situations.  Based on our investment objectives and beliefs, we combine firm-level insights with client-customized investment portfolios to help achieve client-specific goals:


Each of our clients has an individualized set of personal and financial goals that we aim to help them achieve. While these goals are unique, there are some commonalities across clients’ investment objectives that serve as a fundamental framework for our approach. These include:

  • Preserve and Grow Purchasing Power
  • Avoid Permanent Loss of Capital
  • Pursue Tax Efficiency (for taxable clients)


With these investment objectives in mind, we have a fundamental set of investment beliefs that guide our decisions.  These beliefs are based on significant research and experience from within and outside the firm.

  • Asset Allocation is the primary driver of returns and risk
  • Diversification enables superior risk/return results
  • Capital market efficiencies vary, resulting in roles for active and passive investment vehicles
  • Long-term horizons generally produce better results


Using these investment beliefs, we translate our clients’ investment objectives into customized portfolios.  We implement long-term, diversified investment programs built around a core of quality, U.S. and international developed market equities and high quality fixed income investments. This approach is complemented by a wider range of investments which help to enhance returns and/or dampen downside risk. This broader universe of assets include: emerging market equities, international fixed income, high yield bonds, and other specialized asset classes. In total, Fiduciary utilizes between 10-16 different assets classes for clients with diversified portfolios.

Within these varied asset classes, we believe the use of a combination of individual securities, external active managers, and passive vehicles help optimize returns, and minimize expenses and taxes.  Unlike many firms, we do not receive any incentives from external investment managers, eliminating real or perceived conflicts in our investment recommendations for clients.