Sustainable Investing

For investors who seek to generate attractive returns while helping to shape the world around us.

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Our Approach

A Range of Options

For clients who are interested in proactive sustainable investing solutions, we offer a variety of options which are customized to client needs.

An ESG Integrated Portfolio is diversified across asset classes and focused on securities and funds with high ESG ratings and proactive ESG strategies, while also pursuing investment returns consistent with standard benchmarks.

Exclusionary Screening rigorously avoids investments that can negatively impact the environment or society. For many investors, these include investments in fossil fuels, alcohol, firearms, and gambling.

Thematic investing supports issues that are important to you while also generating investment returns. These themes may include issues like renewable energy, energy efficiency, water, inclusive finance, education and health.

Impact investing is designed to produce tangible environmental or social impact while pursuing financial returns. Examples include conservation-based project financing, micro-financing for minority-owned small businesses, and social impact bonds.

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Investments – Sustainable

The Role of Sustainable Investing

This article discusses how we examine ESG factors in all of our investment-related decisions and offer a range of sustainable investing options to fit a variety of client preferences.
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Investments – Sustainable

Sustainable Investing and Trusts

Learn about New Hampshire laws which make it one of the few states to provide trustees more flexibility to pursue sustainable investing strategies.
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A Perfect Pair: Private Foundations & Donor-Advised Funds

Private foundation trustees can benefit from understanding the advantages of using donor-advised funds to complement their foundations, or in some cases, converting the foundation to a donor-advised fund.

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