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Fiduciary Trust of New England (FTNE) is the premier provider of New Hampshire trust services. We combine the 135+ years of experience and independence of our Massachusetts affiliate, Fiduciary Trust Company (FTC), with the favorable trust and tax laws of New Hampshire.

FTNE provides flexible trust administration services, including serving as a corporate trustee under directed trust arrangements, and also offers wealth planning and investment management services.  In addition, FTC can provide custody services, and donor-advised funds are available through Fiduciary Trust Charitable. FTNE has been named a “Best Trust Company” and a “Most Advisor-Friendly Trust Company” by Wealth Advisor.

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New Hampshire Trusts

Fiduciary Trust of New England is a New Hampshire-chartered trust company which provides individuals, families, and family offices access to the advantageous New Hampshire trust laws. Through our directed or delegated trustee services, third-party advisors can manage a trust’s assets and the client relationship, while we provide trust administration and other trustee services.

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Custody Services

At Fiduciary Trust, we’ve been a bank custodian for over 90 years, spanning events such as the Great Depression, the Great Recession, and two World Wars. Through it all we have demonstrated a soundness and permanence in a tumultuous world. We employ world-class trade-date trust accounting software that provides full tax-lot accounting and reporting as well as a true segregation of principal and income cash. We have experience with accounts of all shapes and sizes, and the technology and expertise to account for client situations today and as their needs evolve.

Although we view robust systems as essential, we never attempt to replace human interactions with technology simply to enhance our margins. We provide a highly engaged and personally tailored model that will get things done right for your clients the first time.

With Fiduciary Trust, you get precision, timeliness, and decisions rooted in common sense. Our custody capabilities include a range of services and have the ability to address non-traditional or complex asset types, where needed.

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Donor-Advised Funds Program

In partnership with Fiduciary Trust Charitable, we offer an advisor-managed donor-advised fund program. It provides tailored investment management, personal service from experienced advisors (who typically manage a donor’s personal accounts), and access to philanthropic expertise, including converting from a private foundation to a donor-advised fund. In addition, FT Charitable can accept certain types of illiquid assets and invest in private funds.  FT Charitable works with Fiduciary Trust Company as well as other investment advisors for investment management services.

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