Fiduciary Trust Charitable's Advantages for Foundations

In choosing a donor-advised fund sponsor, many foundation trustees find it is important to select a provider that can bring a high level of expertise, service, and customization to the table. Fiduciary Trust Charitable (FT Charitable) is an independent public charity that offers DAFs and has serving private foundation trustees as a focus area. Features that distinguish FT Charitable include:

Nonprofit Expertise

FT Charitable’s administrative services provider, Fiduciary Trust Company, has over 130 years of experience serving charitable trusts, foundations and endowments, and has in-house trust counsel with nonprofit expertise. This knowledge can be a valuable additional resource to you as you work with your own legal counsel and advisors to convert a private foundation to a DAF or otherwise utilize a DAF to enhance the operation of your foundation, and also when staying current with changes in nonprofit law.

Personal Service and Guidance

Our donors have one-on-one relationships with advisors who take the time to understand their goals, provide customized advice, and deliver flexible service. To complement this advisor relationship, we also provide access to account information online and via our mobile app.

Tailored Investment Approach

Based on understanding the goals and time horizon of the DAF and the donor’s investment preferences, a tailored investment approach is developed for each donor’s fund. Investment advisory services can be provided by Fiduciary Trust Company or another advisor selected by the donor and approved by FT Charitable.
We have a broad universe of investment options available, including individual securities, mutual funds, ETFs, and other vehicles. This is distinct from many other DAFs that have limited sets of investment options that are often proprietary.


In some situations private foundation trustees are interested in establishing DAFs with special features. We have experience customizing our DAF offerings to these donor-specific needs.

Competitive Fee Structure

FT Charitable’s DAF standard administrative fees are among the lowest in the industry.


To learn more about how our donor-advised fund program with Fiduciary Trust Charitable can benefit you, please contact Todd Eckler at 617-292-6722 or

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