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Supporting charitable causes, through investments of both time and financial resources, is important to Fiduciary Trust and many of our clients. Determining the most effective way to give requires understanding your objectives and financial situation, as well as expertise in a variety of charitable giving approaches.

Your Fiduciary Trust officer will take the time to understand your charitable goals and can establish a plan to guide your charitable giving. This can include determining what type of charitable giving vehicle, if any, will enable you to best accomplish your charitable objectives and minimize income, capital gains, and estate taxes.


Developing a Charitable Giving Strategy: This webcast is focused on helping individuals, foundations and corporate grantmakers increase the impact of their charitable giving through enhancing their charitable strategies and grantmaking processes.

Choosing the Best Charitable Giving Approach: Learn about the benefits of six different charitable giving approaches to help maximize your charitable giving, including donor-advised funds, private foundations, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, charitable gift annuities, and direct gifting. Also available in a video version.

A Perfect Pair: Private Foundations & Donor-Advised Funds: Private foundation trustees can benefit from understanding the advantages of using donor-advised funds to complement their foundations, or in some cases, converting the foundation to a donor-advised fund.

Other Philanthropy Insights

Fiduciary’s Philanthropic Services

Wealth Planning

Fiduciary’s approach to wealth planning integrates financial and estate planning to provide a comprehensive roadmap to help provide financial security for you and your family. Our skilled planning team helps transform a potentially daunting process into an empowering experience, and can be viewed as an ongoing, seven-step process. Life is busy, but taking a moment to prioritize the financial well-being of your family can be time well spent. Ensure you obtain expert advice which our credentialed professionals in financial, estate and tax planning, and investment management can provide for you and your family.

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Donor-Advised Funds

To support charitable giving, we offer a flexible, advisor-managed donor-advised fund program through Fiduciary Trust Charitable. A donor-advised fund is a charitable giving vehicle sponsored by a public charity where the donor generally receives an immediate income tax deduction for contributions to the fund and then can recommend that grants be made from the account to IRS-qualified charities at any time. The fund typically can be invested in a manner consistent with the donor’s philanthropic goals and investment preferences, provided they are aligned with the sponsoring charity’s policies. Once the donor gifts assets to the fund, the donor no longer has legal control of them.

We serve a range of donor types including individuals, public charities, private foundations, religious organizations, businesses, and family offices.  Fiduciary Trust Charitable’s capabilities include a range of advanced features including illiquid contributions, international grants, and sustainable investing options.

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Charitable Trusts

Fiduciary has been providing trustee services for over 90 years, and is experienced managing charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and other types of charitable trusts.  We leverage the expertise of our trust and estates legal, wealth planning, and investments teams to help clients achieve their charitable giving objectives.

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Endowments and Foundations

At Fiduciary, we have deep expertise working with Endowment and Foundation boards to implement disciplined investment programs to help them achieve their funding and philanthropic objectives. In some cases, we also serve as a foundation trustee, to help ensure a foundation’s objectives are pursued in perpetuity.

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