Investor Insights to Grow Your Practice

In this webcast, Spectrem Group, a leading market research firm focused on high-net-worth investors, shares its latest insights to help you grow your practice and meet evolving client needs.
Investor Insights to Grow Your Practice

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In this webcast, Spectrem Group, a leading market research firm focused on high-net-worth investors, shares its latest insights to help you grow your practice and meet evolving client needs including:

  • What investors are looking for in a new advisor
  • What services investors expect from their advisor, and how that compares to what they are actually receiving
  • The importance investors place on sustainable investing options, and their expectations around investment returns and fees
  • How investors service expectations are changing in wake of the pandemic

The panelists for this webcast are:

  • George Walper, President, Spectrem Group
  • Todd Eckler, Chief Marketing Officer, Fiduciary Trust Company


About Fiduciary Trust Company

Fiduciary Trust Company (FTC) is an independent trust company that is distinguished in serving advisors through delivering superior service and flexibility that are not available at mega firms. We provide custody services, access to New Hampshire directed trusts, a donor-advised fund program, securities-based lending and other services that help you deliver additional value to your clients and grow your assets under management.

Together with our New Hampshire affiliate, Fiduciary Trust of New England (FTNE), we have over $21 billion in assets under supervision, serve 100+ mid-sized advisors and family offices, and have a 98% annual client retention rate over the past decade. FTNE has been recognized as a 2021 Best Advisor-Friendly Trust Company by Wealth Advisor, and FTC was named 2021 Best Custodian and Best Fiduciary / Trustee by Private Asset Management.

Learn More: FTC Overview for Advisors

Contact: Scott Sumner ( | 617-574-3426)

About Spectrem Group

Spectrem Group strategically analyzes its ongoing primary research with investors to assist financial providers and advisors in understanding the Voice of the Investor. Spectrem Group understands clients’ business challenges because of their knowledgeable, seasoned professionals have first-hand experience managing business in: Wealth Management, Retirement Services, Asset Management, Mutual Funds, Brokerage, Insurance, Banking and Trust.

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Contact: George Walper (| 244-544-5350)


  • Todd Eckler Portrait
    Todd H. EcklerChief Marketing Officer; President, Fiduciary Trust Charitable
    Todd is a member of the firm's Senior Management Committee and responsible for FTC's strategy, marketing, and corporate development activities. He also serves as President of Fiduc...

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