Webcast: Tracing your Family Heritage


By Hans F. Olsen, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

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Interest in understanding one’s family history and legacy has grown dramatically over the past several years, propelled by DNA testing and accelerated by pandemic-driven curiosity.

In this webcast, American Ancestors President and CEO Brenton Simons discusses the benefits of understanding your family roots, whether DNA testing is right for you, and how you may approach this process. In addition, Fiduciary Trust’s CIO Hans F. Olsen, CFA highlights his personal experience uncovering his family history.

An audio version of the webcast is also available on the Fiduciary Insights podcast channel on iTunes and Spotify.

To learn more about researching your family heritage, go to americanancestors.org/fiduciary

Note: Fiduciary Trust Company is not responsible for the content on the americanacestors.org site.

Publish Date: November 17, 2020

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