Trusts and Estates

Gifting with Knowledge

Passing valued possessions to future generations or charities requires careful thought to maximize the benefits to the donor and the recipients. ▸

Trusts and Estates

Estate Planning to Address Divorce Concerns

With many marriages ending in divorce, it is important to understand recent case examples and the implications for estate planning to protect your family's assets in divorce. ▸

Trusts and Estates

Estate Planning in a Digital World

Learn what steps to take to help ensure your trusted family members and fiduciaries can access your digital files and accounts when appropriate. ▸

Trusts and Estates

Choosing the Right Trustee

The trustee you select can have significant consequences for you and your family. We share our perspectives on the factors to consider. ▸

Trusts and Estates

Building an Art Collection

Fiduciary Trust catches up with Christie’s Americas Chairman Emeritus Stephen S. Lash to discuss current trends in the art world, and how to build a collection. ▸

Trusts and Estates

Estate Planning With A Vacation Home

Keeping a vacation home in the family requires understanding the next generation’s interests and evaluating the transfer options for the home. ▸

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