Podcast: Mid-Q2 Market Update

Chief Investment Officer Hans F. Olsen, CFA discusses the current state of the economy and markets, the likelihood of another material near-term stock market drop, and our views on the pace of economic recovery. ▸


Podcast: Market Outlook Series

Chief Investment Officer Hans F. Olsen, CFA shares our latest views on the economy and markets in our quarterly market outlook podcasts. ▸


Podcast: New Hampshire's Trust Advantages

In this podcast, Thanda F. Brassard, General Counsel of New Hampshire-chartered Fiduciary Trust of New England, details the benefits of New Hampshire trusts. The advantages include no state income tax, perpetual trusts, asset protection trusts, and directed trusts. ▸


Podcast: Coronavirus and the Markets

In our latest podcast, Fiduciary Trust Chief Investment Officer Hans Olsen, CFA discusses the current state of the coronavirus epidemic, the potential impact on the markets for the remainder of the year, and the implications for investment portfolios. ▸


Podcast: Key Planning Considerations in your Sixties

Although life as a 60-something varies greatly from person to person, there are common planning considerations, such as retirement timing and lifestyle, asset allocation and income, insurance, estate planning, care and support, and social security.  ▸

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