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Market Outlook: Late Cycle to Next Cycle

In our Q2 Market Outlook, Chief Investment Officer Hans Olsen, CFA discusses factors that are likely to determine how the economy and markets will unfold for the rest of 2019. ▸

Trusts and Estates

The Granite State Still Rocks at Trust Administration

New Hampshire provides distinct advantages for trusts such as no state income tax on certain trusts. Read our article to learn more about directed trusts, perpetual or dynasty trusts, decanting trusts, civil law foundations, family trust companies, and more.  ▸

Investments - Markets

2019 Market Outlook

While the economy remained strong in 2018, the year ended with most asset classes down. In our Market Outlook article and video we recap the key economic and market developments from the past year and share our 2019 forecasts. ▸

Investments - Markets

Taking Stock of the Aging Bull Market

In our Q4 2018 Market Outlook, we highlight the strengths of the economy and market underpinnings as well as the potential for increased market volatility. ▸

Investments - Markets

2018 Q3 Market Outlook

In our latest Market Outlook Webcast, our Chief Investment Officer shares observations on 2Q 2018, and outlines our perspective on future quarters, including the roles of central bank activities and trade, and the likelihood of a near-term recession. ▸

Investments - Markets

2018 Q3 Market Outlook: Asynchronous Global Growth

In this quarter's Market Outlook, we highlight the positive U.S. earnings environment against a backdrop of geopolitical developments, rising short-term interest rates and a shrinking central bank balance sheet. ▸


Elder Care: Planning Considerations

This two-part paper details key steps you or your loved ones might take for a more comfortable living and financial experience in the later stages of retirement. ▸

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