Podcast: Mid-Q2 Market Update

Chief Investment Officer Hans F. Olsen, CFA discusses the current state of the economy and markets, the likelihood of another material near-term stock market drop, and our views on the pace of economic recovery. ▸

Information Security

Avoiding Coronavirus Fraud and Phishing Scams

The COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately led to an increase in related fraud. Fiduciary Trust Chief Operating Officer Rob Jeffers shares examples of recent coronavirus scams and tips on how to protect your identity. ▸

Wealth Planning

College Refunds and 529 Plans

If a college is providing a refund of funds paid from a 529 plan, you need to be careful with the proceeds to avoid a tax penalty ▸

Wealth Planning

Wealth Transfer in a Low Rate Environment

Several wealth transfer techniques such as lifetime gifting, grantor retained annuity trusts, and intra-family loans, are particularly well suited to taking advantage of this low interest rate and depressed market value environment. ▸

Wealth Planning

The CARES Act: Key Features

Learn about the important features of the March 2020 CARES Act, designed to help American citizens and businesses in the wake of COVID-19 ▸

Investments - Markets

Q2 Market Outlook

April 3, 2020 - In our Market Outlook video, we discuss the current state of the coronavirus, the impact on the markets, and key considerations for investment portfolios going forward. ▸


Podcast: Market Outlook Series

Chief Investment Officer Hans F. Olsen, CFA shares our latest views on the economy and markets in our quarterly market outlook podcasts. ▸

Wealth Planning

Federal Tax Filing Deadline Postponement

In an effort to reduce the financial and administrative burden of filing taxes in the midst of the coronavirus emergency, the IRS has extended the April 15 tax deadline. ▸

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