Our Move to 53 State Street

53 State Street

When Fiduciary Trust moved into its 175 Federal Street home 40 years ago, then President Robert Gardiner described the newly constructed tower as “the right building in the right place at the right time.” Fiduciary Trust embarked on a similarly important move in June 2019.

Fiduciary relocated its offices a few blocks away to Exchange Place at 53 State Street. We selected the new building after an extensive search that prioritized client meeting areas, employee accessibility, client parking, efficient use of space, and environmental impact. Austin V. Shapard, Fiduciary’s President & CEO, commented, “We are excited about our ability to create a modern professional work environment that matches our forward-looking objectives.”

Not only does Exchange Place meet Fiduciary Trust’s 21st-century needs for space, accessibility, and comfort, but the building itself also embodies our history. 53 State Street’s granite foundation was built around 130 years ago, just a few years after Fiduciary Trust was founded in 1885. Like Fiduciary Trust, Exchange Place played an important role in Boston’s financial history, as it was once home to the Boston Stock Exchange. Similar to Fiduciary Trust — which remains committed to its historical principles of integrity and personal service, while also embracing modern advancements — Exchange Place has also transformed over time. On top of the 12-story marble-clad former Boston Stock Exchange stands a 40-story modern glass skyscraper — one of the tallest buildings in Boston’s Financial District. It is also an environmentally-friendly building, carrying the top LEED (Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design) certification of platinum. Fiduciary Trust’s floor occupies both a section of the original Exchange Place building as well as the glass tower in this fully renovated space.

We look forward to hosting an “open house” welcoming gathering for clients and friends in the second half of the year.

Note: Our P.O. Box remains the same. If you currently have recurring bills, deposits or other communications being delivered to 175 Federal Street, please change them to be sent to our P.O. Box/mailing address noted below.

Mailing Address
No change – for bills, deposits, and other communications
Fiduciary Trust Company

P.O. Box 55806
Boston, MA 02205-5806

Street Address
Fiduciary Trust Company

53 State Street
Boston, MA 02109

For directions and parking information, go to: Fidtrustco.com/directions

Map of new Fiduciary Trust location

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