Launch of Our New Website and Firm Video


Over the past year, two of our marketing priorities have been to enhance our digital channels and expand our published insights.
As part of this effort, we have just launched a new website. Among the many improvements over the previous site is an expanded “Insights” section with content available in multiple formats – written, videos, and pdf downloads. On the Insights page, you can also sign up for our digital insights, which include regular newsletters and webinars. Recognizing that mobile devices are becoming a preferred channel for accessing online information, our new site is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

We have also created a new Fiduciary Trust introductory video. Although it is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting with our officers, we believe the video will help those unfamiliar with Fiduciary to develop an appreciation for the firm and its distinctiveness. You will find the video on our home page.

The site also includes other improvements, such as enhanced officer profiles, social media sharing links, our new logo and formatting, and updated content. As with our prior site, there is a link to login to Private View™ (select “Account Access” at the top right). Although the login screen includes our new logo and colors, the login process remains unchanged. We are also planning future enhancements to Private View™.

I encourage you to take a look at our new site at www.FIDUCIARY-TRUST.COM.

Todd Eckler

Chief Marketing Officer

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