Maximizing Charitable Impact in This Time of Great Need

In this webcast, an expert panel provides guidance for nonprofit donors, board members, and leaders on navigating the current pandemic challenges and delivering impact.
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Recognizing that the health and economic effects of Covid-19 are disproportionately impacting communities of color, Fiduciary Trust Company has established a matching grant program through the Covid-19 Response Fund at The Boston Foundation. Click here to learn more about the program.

The pandemic has created financial and service delivery challenges for most nonprofits, while the need for many of their services has increased significantly. In this webcast, a panel of experts discusses:

  • Charitable options for helping those most affected by the current environment
  • Innovative strategies nonprofits are using to deliver impact and secure funding
  • Steps donors can take to enhance the resiliency of the organizations they support
  • Special tax incentives for charitable giving

The panelists from award-winning organizations are:

  • Todd Eckler, Executive Director, Fiduciary Trust Charitable (
  • Kate Guedj, Senior Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer, The Boston Foundation (
  • John LaFleur, Managing Director, Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. (


Listen to the podcast version on the Fiduciary Insights channel on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify


  • Todd Eckler Portrait
    Todd H. EcklerChief Marketing Officer; President, Fiduciary Trust Charitable
    Todd is a member of the firm's Senior Management Committee and responsible for FTC's strategy, marketing, and corporate development activities. He also serves as President of Fiduc...

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