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Trust and Estates

New Hampshire Trust Advantages

New Hampshire provides distinct advantages for trusts, such as no state income tax, directed trusts, perpetual trusts, and other benefits.
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Trust and Estates

Donating Illiquid Assets to Donor-Advised Funds

Learn how to contribute complex, illiquid assets to a donor-advised fund.
Trust and Estates

Planning Opportunities Before the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Sunset

Now is the time to begin reviewing the details of your estate plan and personal tax situation to optimize your tax savings before the December 31, 2025 sunset.
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Trust and Estates

Naming a Trust as IRA Beneficiary: Key Considerations

As the significance of IRAs has grown, it has become more common to name trusts as IRA beneficiaries. This article looks at key considerations for inherited IRAs and trusts.
Trust and Estates

MA Governor Healey Signs $1B Tax Reform Package Impacting Estate Taxes

On October 4, 2023, Governor Maura Healey signed a $1B tax reform package. This insight explores the key provisions as well as its impact.
Trust and Estates

Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts: Are They All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

This insight explores spousal lifetime access trusts (“SLATs”) and how they may be used by married couples to take advantage of the elevated federal exemption amounts.
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Trust and Estates

How to Benefit from New Hampshire’s Trust Laws

In this webcast from Trusts & Estates journal, experts from Fiduciary Trust of New England and Holland & Knight discuss the key provisions of the Granite State’s trust laws, provide client examples, and address audience questions.