Looking Out for a Child’s Interests

After a client’s death, we cared for his daughter’s financial needs until she was an adult.

Over fifty years ago, after the death of a father and Fiduciary Trust client, we protected and cared for the financial needs of his daughter until she was an adult. As an adult, she independently chose to work with Fiduciary to manage her personal wealth and provided the following comments on her experience with Fiduciary:

“People at Fiduciary Trust take the time to understand not only your money, but get to know you as a person, get to know your family… They provide ‘plus-perfect’ personal service, always listen, never talk down to you, and we work together in a partnership. On the investment front, the numbers speak for themselves. They also help in so many other ways such as estate planning and taxes…They are detail oriented and respond right away when I reach out.”


Disclosure: This testimonial was provided by a current client of Fiduciary Trust. No compensation was paid for use of the testimonial.

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