Why we’re different

We understand wealth is more than the accumulation of assets.  It’s about achieving the life you wish to live. We take a personal approach to wealth management based on expertise, strong performance, and a genuine commitment to act in your best interests.

Four points that distinguish Fiduciary Trust include:


An unconflicted, private firm

  • 130-year history of integrity and financial stability
  • No proprietary investment products to sell or incentives from third party investment managers to honor
  • Owned by current and former employees, directors, and clients
  • Free from misaligned public company pressures

Personal Service:

A proactive approach customized to your needs

  • Clients have long-term relationships with senior professionals
  • 25+ years’ average officer industry experience
  • Right-sized, well-resourced, nimble firm
  • 98% average annual client retention for decades

Disciplined Investing:

Proven techniques and focused on client net returns

  • Strong risk-adjusted returns
  • Portfolios customized for specific client needs
  • Tax, estate, and cash needs considered in investment decisions

We provide our services to individuals, families, non-profits, advisors, and family offices.  For individuals and families, we serve a wide range of asset levels.  Our investment minimum is $2 million.

Why we’re different for:

Foundations and Endowments

Family Offices and Advisors