Social Responsibility

Core Values

Our core values derive from our shared purpose: to help families achieve their most important financial goals today and across generations.  These are more than words on a page.  They are what excite us about coming to work every day.  We go to great lengths to provide exceptional service and results for our clients within the context of our core values, which include trust, integrity, respect, excellence, objectivity, innovation, unity, community, passion, and success.

These values play a key role in guiding our corporate decisions and lead us to invest in our community, promote diversity, and protect the environment.  


We have a long history of investing in our community with our time and financial contributions.  Our senior employees serve on over 50 non-profit boards and committees and Fiduciary has been recognized as one of the Top Charitable Contributors in the region by the Boston Business Journal.


Fiduciary Trust values diversity and is committed to maintaining a welcoming and open workplace in which our employees feel comfortable sharing their unique perspectives—and where they can flourish in pursuing their careers.

We strongly believe that an environment that embraces the uniqueness of each individual strengthens our organization and contributes in an important way to Fiduciary’s success as a business.

Throughout our firm, we strive to recruit, retain, and promote individuals with diverse backgrounds and varied life experiences.


We believe in the importance of minimizing our impact on the environment to help preserve our planet for future generations.  To that end, Fiduciary continually seeks and implements new ways to reduce our impact.  In recent years, these conservation efforts have resulted in a decrease in paper waste, an expansion of recycling, and a reduction in energy use.


We also adhere to responsible corporate governance policies.

Socially Responsible Investing

We offer client-customized, socially responsible investment portfolios.  We can incorporate environment, corporate governance, diversity, and other factors into investment choices, alongside our core investment criteria.