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About five years ago, a former neighbor and close friend of one of our investment advisors reluctantly relocated his Route 128 high-tech firm to Silicon Valley for business reasons.

Despite hard times in the industry, the business prospered. Four years later, at the age of 52, he sold the business, netting $16 million. For the first time, he and his wife had substantial liquid assets. They hadn't thought much about money, up to that point. In fact, their estate planning consisted of a simple will, which divided their estate equally among their three children.

Now, everything changed. This newly wealthy couple was overwhelmed by the large number of would-be investment advisors who contacted them, some even making unsolicited formal proposals.

The couple was therefore relieved when their old friend and neighbor from Fiduciary called to check in. The three had maintained contact over the years, and the couple needed someone they could trust as they negotiated their new situation.

Fiduciary worked with the couple to invest their substantial wealth in a broad array of asset categories that reflected their expectations of return and their tolerance for risk. We helped them develop their financial plan, utilize appropriate tax strategies, and also assisted in establishing trusts to benefit their children (and anticipated grandchildren).


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Financial Planning

An effective financial plan is carefully synchronized and constantly maintained. Periodic adjustment may be necessary, due to changes in financial markets, the regulatory environment, and, of course, the circumstances of your life.

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